Copy-Cat Suicide

Here is a really tough question but I challenge you to really think about it:

Is it better to give all of the brutal and horrific suicide details in a book or movie to raise awareness of how real and honestly painful suicide can be or, rather, is it just best to exclude those details in fear that one may copy that fatal action?

I have found myself going back and forth on this question when I was recently faced with it when trying to decide what is more appropriate for a self-help book. When trying rationalizing them, I think about what is best for someone who is in a suicidal state of mind. A suicidal person is very fragile, unpredictable, and most of the time- we cant even identify someone who is suicidal by just observing or looking at them!

On one side, decrribing all the horrific and graphic details of the act of suicide, may scare one away from the action due to the fear of pain or suffering. This is my true hope, that it does scare a suicidal person from doing the act. Part of me also thinks that by knowing the realness of the act, they may truly realize the permanency of it as well. I want them to fully understand the actually of the consequences of this action that death is permanent and it is not just something you can undo once you regret it.

In opposition, it would pain myself if a reader gathered ideas from the book on how to commit this action. For many reasons, copy-cat suicides are more often then we think. Some of them are prompted due to the “praise” or “recognition” previously people received after their death by suicide because they want to experience that and feel missed and treasured.  But unfortunately, the drastic measures for this feeling is painstaking and heartbreaking to hear.

I did make my decision after taking 24 hours to digest the options and made my decision of what to do: keeping the details with the known risk or exempting them for safe measures?


What would you do? What is your opinion on this matter? It is unfortunately too complex to only have one answer.

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