Coming into the New Year of Grief

There are many new goals or resolutions that people set coming into the New Year; weight loss, career goals, or goals within relationships. But what is your grief goal?

I know it sounds ridiculous, like “why the heck do I need a goal for grieving?” Like it is a good thing to associate a goal with. But like all areas of our lives, grief deserves attention and goals too.

These goals can be made positive and uplifting, rather than depressing and heavy. These goals are meant to allow you to grow and to grow with your new relationship with your passed loved one. I know this is a weird concept of a relationship with someone- because they are gone from this earth. But you can still maintain a relationship with them.

In order to maintain this relationship in a healthy way, create a goal that can exemplify your weaknesses in this relationship. For instance, my goal is to think healthy and happy thoughts of my brother throughout the day and to talk about him more, because I have let my shyness and shame get in the way of my relationship with him and even others. I need to not be ashamed of my brother’s death and be able to speak of it, as a painful yet important, part of my life.

In these upcoming days, think of your goals, and what can assist in your grieving. It can be as simple as sending up a prayer every day or a daily reminder of your loved one by just looking at a picture of them.

It is easy for us to fall into a pattern of forgetfulness by forgetting our loved ones- and it is not our fault. We get caught up in our lives and careers to where we get worn down and grief gets pushed aside. Be selfish in the way that you put your grief first.

Here is to another blessed and amazing year. Thank you all for all the love. xox


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