Suicide VS Society

For those of you who have experienced a loss by suicide or have known someone who has attempted suicide, aren’t you tired of hearing that they are crazy? Or insane? Or depressed?

I know that there are many cases of suicide where there was a existing diagnosis of depression or insanity, but not everyone who attempts/completes suicide is crazy.

We, as humans, have pain. Its inevitable. We are bound to be hurt from a heartbreak, loss ,or divorce. Life is not black and white, theres such much gray, that humans usually live in.

We all react to pain in different ways. Some cry until there are no more tears left and others sit in silence until their ready to break it. Does this make one stronger than the other? Is holding in pain versus expressing it a model of what is considered strong or weak? This stigma that we have about pain is not okay. We are all unique and individual human beings who express pain in their own way: there is no right or wrong way to express pain, but there are more effective ways.

That being said, suicide does not make someone crazy. Some people cannot relate to the amount of pain and anguish one can go throw after a tragedy, therefore they just go call them crazy or unstable. Hopelessness also does not make them weak, it makes them human. Of course, I would never say that self harm or suicide is an effective way to deal with pain, but it does not make them crazy. We all lose hope at some point. Hope would not exist if it was always there, it would just be life. You have to lose hope in order to regain it or possess it.

By categorizing suicide under the “crazy” umbrella of mental illness, it gives a stereotype for those who are in unbearable pain. Not everyone who is suicidal is diagnosed as depressed or bipolar, sometimes people just have bad days where there is no end in sight and they handle it in the worst way possible by attempting to harm themselves. Not everyone who is suicidal slits their wrists and wears black clothing to school or work every day, the way that the media and society makes us think happens.

There are premeditated and impulsive suicides. Studies show that most most suicides are in fact impulsive and not premeditated. This means that people are not thinking before their actions. They are not thinking about loved ones they are leaving behind and the pain they will cause them, but they are buried in pain and cannot get out. If all suicidal people were crazy or depressed, they would be getting treated for their pain. Most suicidal people are not diagnosed with any mental illnesses. If suicidal people were crazy, then call us all crazy because we all have our own kinds of pain.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. You can get through suffering without ending your life. Our society is impulsive like these suicides. We speak without thinking when we label people are crazy. We call healthy people “retards” when they are acting silly or call something “gay” when we disapprove of it. There is so much insensitivity and hypocrisy with what is and what is not acceptable in this society. Calling someone “crazy” or “mentally ill” for being in excruciating pain and heartache, now to me, that is crazy. That is just being human. Our society is impulsive like these suicides and numbed by the pain.

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